Good Curling!

Hello everyone and welcome to the official blog of the Willmar Curling Club (WCC). My name is Susie and I am a member of the WCC. We have 100+ members and we curl at the Willmar Civic Center in the BlueLine Arena on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We also host open curling for Willmar Community Education on Saturday evenings. Curling is fun, anyone can do it, and it is great exercise. I hope to share with you every aspect of curling: the rules, basics of curling play, local and national events and even broomstacking. More on that later. I am learning the ropes of blogging as I go along. (So far, so good.) My goal here is to raise awareness regarding the sport of curling. It is a sport for any age and any athletic ability. I am in my fifth year of curling, so I did not start early. I am a USCA Certified Level 1 Instructor and a USCA Certified Level 2 Official. I am also a WCC board member. I hope you will join me in getting more acquainted with the great sport of curling, which has a rich history nearly 500 years old. Just to give you a start, every curling game begins with all the players of both teams (4 on a team) shaking hands enthusiastically and wishing each other ‘Good Curling!’  It is an age-old tradition that is still practiced today. In fact, I have never witnessed a game start without the traditional handshake, no matter what level of curling is being played.

So, with that being said, I wish you ‘Good Curling!’